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"Conquer the angry man by love.
Conquer the ill-natured man by goodness.
Conquer the miser with generosity.
Conquer the liar with truth."
The Dhammapada

Ninth Throne Holder

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The Ninth Lineage Throne Holder: Lhatse Thubten Gyaltshen

Lhatse Thubten Gyaltshen was born in the Lhatse Gyang-ra family. At very young age he became a monk in Lhatse Monastery and learned perfectly the scriptures, Vajra Dance passed down from the lineage gurus, making of sand mandala, the recitation, etc. He studied under Ja-drel Chhoying Rangdrol, Terton Terchhen Sodgyel, Darthang Chhogtrul, and Karma Kuchhen, learning sutra and tantra of the Nyingmapa Karma (oral transmission) and Terma (hidden treasures) lineage, initiations, oral instructions, etc teachings. Following the Vinaya, he received the three stages of ordination vows from Darthang Chhogtrul Rinpoche and five other bhikshus. He kept all his vows perfectly and purely and attained accomplishment. He also attained the rainbow body. When he grew up, he was officially enthroned as Lhatse Monastery Lineage Throne Holder and propagated the Lhatse Palyul Lineage, especially teaching on the sadhana series tantra, Guhyagarbha Tantra, and the mind series tantra, and propagated the Buddhadharma at the various branch monasteries of Lhatse lineage. At that time, there were about 100 branch monasteries of Lhatse Monastery and these branch monasteries also taught the Buddhadharma to others according to the Palyul lineage. He was officially enthroned as Lhatse Lineage Throne Holder while he was an young adult and contributed to the success of the propagation of the Palyul lineage. Finally he entered into parinirvana with auspicious signs at Gorkhog. Due to the cultural revolution, his body was only cremated at the monastery after 20 years of passing away and many relic pills were found after the cremation. Some of the relic pills were enshrined in the monastery and some relic pills were used to make Tsa-tsa stupa and offered to the nagas at the river and ocean, and the river then appeared multiple coloured lotus flower auspicious sign.