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"Conquer the angry man by love.
Conquer the ill-natured man by goodness.
Conquer the miser with generosity.
Conquer the liar with truth."
The Dhammapada

Second Throne Holder

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The Second Lineage Throne Holder: Padma Thrinle

Padma Thrinle is the nephew of Serpa Yeshe Sengge. When he was eight years old, he took refuge and became a buddhist. After he completed the study of Tibetan language, he practiced the Four Foundation Practices. At sixteen years old, he followed Serpa Yeshe Sengge to learn the teaching of Dzogchen, and also learned the teachings of sadhana series tantra, Guhyagarbha Tantra, mind series tantra.

At the age of twenty-eight, he went to study at Orgyan Mindrol Ling Monastery, and be awarded by the monastery as Vajra Master, and remained there for few years as a Vajra Master. Then he returned back to his home town and transmitted the Guhyagarbha Tantra. After Serpa Yeshe Sengge entered into parinirvana, Padma Thrinle became the Lineage Throne Holder of Lhatse Monastery. He spent the rest of his life in Lhatse Monastery teaching the monks, playing the role of Vajra Master in bestowing initiations, and the role of Khenpo in teaching. He propagated the Palyul Lhatse lineage and bestowed three stages of ordination to the monks. He also taught them meditation, the practice of channels, winds, and drops, clear light practice, dark room retreat practice, purification of sound practice, etc. He also taught his nephew Padma Dorje and other heart disciples and encouraged them to propagate the lineage of the monastery, and practice the Dharma diligently, so that the Dharma activity of Lhatse Lineage can be spread wide and far.

At the age of eighty-two, after complete the teaching that help those disciples with strong attachment to purify bad karmic imprints, he manifested parinirvana.