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"Throughout the day, put the teachings into practice.
In the evening examine what you have done, said, and thought during the day.
Whatever was positive, dedicate the merit to all beings and vow to improve on it the next day.
Whatever was negative, confess and promise to repair it.
In this way, the best practitioners progress from day to day,
the middling practitioners from month to month,
and the least capable from year to year."
- H.H. Dilgo Khyentse

Nyingmapa Vidya Buddhist Institute Project


Lhatse Sangnag Rabten Ling (Lhatse Unexcelled Tantric Monastery) was built in 1668 by Serpa Yeshe Sengge, foremost heart disciple of Ridgzin Kunzang Sherab, the first throneholder of Palyul Monastery. It has a history of more than 330 years. In 2004, the 10th and present throneholder of Lhatse Monastery, Lhatse Tulku Rinpoche, completed and consecrated the new Monastery Main Prayer Hall. Now, Lhatse Monastery has around 500 monks and lamas which are still increasing. However, for a long time, Lhatse Monastery never had a specialized Buddhist Institute (Shedra) for monks to pursue higher Buddhist philosophy. As the population of monks grows rapidly, there is a pressing need to build a Buddhist Institute. This will allow the monks to study the profound Buddhist philosophy and also deepen their knowledge and learning. Thus, Rinpoche has undertaken to build a new Buddhist Institute.

This project was gladly supported by HH Penor Rinpoche of Nyingmapa, who generously contributed to the new Buddhist Institute building fund, and most kindly bestowed the institute with the name of "Nyingma Mahayana Vidya Buddhist Institute". HH Penor Rinpoche specially entrusted Lhatse Tulku Rinpoche with the responsibility to build the new Buddhist Institute. In order to ensure the upholding and propagation of the Buddhist teachings of Lhatse Monastery, and also to fulfill HH Penor Rinpoche's wish, Lhatse Rinpoche has promised to complete the building of the Buddhist Institute. 、

The merits of sponsoring and building Buddhist temples and institutions include:

1) Increase in Wisdom

2) Accumulation of good karma and reaping of good results

3) Success in one's work and career

4) Having a healthy body and mind etc. The merits of preserving the Buddha's teachings in this world, or spreading the Buddha's doctrine, or making offerings to the ordained sangha are equal to the Indian King Ashoka's merits of preserving and protecting the Buddha's teachings and eventually, we will attain Enlightenment.

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修建佛学院大殿 ———————S$8万元

6米高的红黄文殊菩萨 ———————S$10万元

喇嘛宿舍(共50间) ———————每间S$6千元



新建厨房 ——S$3万元



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